3M Single Bond Universal


1 bottle Single Bond Universal Adhesive 5 ml


Feature & Benefits

One application procedure. One adhesive for self-etch and total-etch.

Single Bond Universal Adhesive bonds to all surfaces, including enamel, dentine, glass ceramic, zirconia, noble and non-precious alloys, and composites – without additional primer. In combination with Single Bond DCA Dual Cure Activator, Single Bond Universal Adhesive is compatible with all resin cements, core build-up materials and even self-cure composites!


Truly versatile universal adhesive

Direct placement indications

  • Bonding of composite or compomer for all classes of direct restorations
  • Root surface desensitization
  • Sealing of dentine prior to cementation of amalgam restorations
  • Protective coating for glass ionomer restorative materials
  • Repair of composite or compomer restorations
  • Bonding of pit and fissure sealants

Indirect placement indications

  • Primer for Zirconia, alumina, metal or glass ceramic restorations
  • Bonding of veneers with RelyX™ Veneer Cement
  • Bonding of indirect restoration in combination with RelyX™ Ultimate Cement
  • Bonding of self- or dual-cure core build-up materials and resin cements (with Single Bond DCA Dual Cure Activator)
  • Intraoral repair of existing indirect restorations
  • Sealing of dentine prior to temporization for indirect restoration placement

Technical Infromation

Unique Scotchbond™ Technology

Building on 3M’s adhesives expertise and 3M ESPE’s trusted bonding background, Single Bond Universal Adhesive features a unique chemistry for true versatility – all in one bottle.

  • Vitrebond™ Copolymer provides more consistent bonding to dentine under moist or dry conditions.
  • MDP Monomer optimizes Self-Etch performance, provides chemical bonding to zirconia, alumina and metals without a separate primer, and increases shelf stability so that no refrigeration is needed.
  • Silane allows the adhesive to chemically bond to glass ceramic surfaces without using a separate ceramic primer.


The development of Single Bond Universal Adhesive is based on trusted existing technologies currently available in Adper™ Scotchbond™ Multi-Purpose Adhesive, Adper™ Single Bond 2 Adhesive and Adper™ Easy Bond Self-Etch Adhesive.

dper™ Single Bond 2 Adper™ Easy Bond Single Bond Universal
MHP Phosphate Monomer MDP Phosphate Monomer
Dimethacrylate resins Dimethacrylate resins Dimethacrylate resins
Vitrebond™ Copolymer Vitrebond™ Copolymer Vitrebond™ Copolymer
Filler Filler Filler
Ethanol Ethanol Ethanol
Water Water Water
Initiators Initiators Initiators




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