PROMEDICA Composeal Light Curing Glass Ionomer Composite Liner


One-component light-curing glass ionomer composite liner


One-component light-curing glass ionomer composite liner

Composeal is our light-curing radiopaque one-component glass ionomer composite cement for cavity linings, extended fissure sealing and filling of small lesions. Composeal polymerises under halogen-light within 20 seconds. Moreover, it is acid-resistant, releases fluorides and can be used under composites, compomers and amalgam. Composeal is available in a practical 2 ml syringe for the direct application.

INDICATIONS For cavity linings
For extended fissure sealing
For fillings of small lesions
ADVANTAGES One-component ready-for-use material: no mixing, thus time and material saving
Excellent adhesion to bonding material and composites
High flexural (95 MPa) and compressive strength (226 MPa): excellent stability against pressure
Fluoride releasing against secondary caries
Syringes are available with special application tips: economical and hygienic application
Art. No. 2550:          2 x 2 ml syringe incl. 20 application tips
Art. No. 2634:          application tips, 100 pieces
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