Up to 8 shades whiter in just 30 minutes!
The BMS WHITE 38% is a 38% Hydrogen Peroxide whitening
gel, used to whiten teeth with dyschromias.
The gel is applied directly onto the teeth.
Single parts or several parts affected by dyschromias or
devitalisations can be whitened at the same time.
The dyschromias may be caused by: medicines, fluorosis, food
related stains, alterations due to ageing.
Using whitening gel BMS WHITE 38%:
• Check that the teeth to be treated are perfectly clean.
• Protect the gums with BMS WHITE BM.
• Apply the product directly onto the surface of the teeth using
the oral tips.
• Expose to led light for 10/15 minutes.
• Remove the product with gauze.
The procedure can be repeated until the required colour is achieved.
• Finally remove product used to protect the gums and rinse
with abundant water.
• If required, make a topical application of fluorine or specific
desensitizing agents.
Bms White 38% contains: 2 Syringes 4:1 38% hydrogen
peroxide whitening gel, 6 Mixing cannulas, 1 Syringe Light
curing gengival protection, 3 Flow tips
2 cases



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