Facial Aesthetics Botox and Filler Course batch


اطلب الكورس وهيتواصل معاك احد المنظمين للسعر والتفاصيل



Facial Aesthetics Botox and Filler Course batch 11*
*طبيب الأسنان مش بس صانع ابتسامة🤔 هو كمان مسئول عن جمال الوجه بكل ملامحه 😳 وعلاج أي تجاعيد في الجبهه والدقن وحوالين العين أو أي مشكله ف ال lips 😌
*بما إننا دارسين أناتومي head and neck ونجيد استخدام الإبر بشكل دقيق و حقن التخدير من أساسيات الشغل في عياداتنا 🤨
* فازاي أكون مؤهل لاستخدام ال botox و ال fillers 🧐!!؟
* بعد الكورس هتقدر تشتغل botox and filler بشكل محترف ودقيق وتعرف كل ال tips and tricks
يبقي ماينفعش تفوت الكورس ده 😋
ليه ؟؟؟
عشان هتدرس وهتدرب علي كل حاجة وع patients كمان
طيب ركز في المحتوي ده
*Botox and Filler Course**
*Live Show Demo & Hands On*
🔥Two days neurotoxins and dermal fillers:-
* First day “Neurotoxins “
-Ideal facial proportions and facial beauty
-Face mapping.
-Defining aesthetic medicine and its
incorporation in our modern dental practice.
-How to achieve an optimum results for your
-Botox versus filler.
-Botulinum toxins BTX.
-Mechanism of action of botulinum toxin.
-Indications of botulinum toxin injections.
-Medical uses.
-Botulinumtoxin injections for hands and under arms.
-Dental uses.
-Facial muscles anatomy.
-Forehead wrinkles.
-Glabellar complex.
-Crows feet.
-Eye brow reshaping.
-Bunny lines.
-Nasal lift.
-Gummy smile.
-Lip plumping.
-Smoker’s lines.
-Dropped mouth corner.-Hyperactive mentalis.
-Platysma bands.
-Video demonstration.
-Hands on (workshop).
* Second day “Dermal fillers“
-Mechanism of aging process.
-Facial codes.
-Dermal fillers.
-Different types of fillers and choosing the right filler.
-Rheological propertiesof hyaluronic acid fillers.-Indications.
-Different injection techniques.
-Facial rejuvenation.
-Combined used of botox & fillers.
– Small hints on how to incorporate fillers & threads.
-Lips augmentation.
-Different techniques for lip enhancement and
-Complications، how to manage it and how to perform a safe injection IN DETAILS.
– Small hints on Cheek augmentation.
– Small hints on Nasolabial folds filler.
– Small hints on Marionette lines filler.
– Small hints on Chin augmentation.
– Small hints on Temple area.
– Small hints on Tear trough area.
– Small hints on Liquid Nose Job.
– Small hints on Jawline fillers.
-Fillers injection for the black triangles.
– Small hints on Filler injection for the earlobe and hands.
– Small hints on Necklace lines fillers.
-Video demonstration.
-Hands on (workshop)
*Practical Part*
– Each doctor will do a one or two shots of neurotoxins on a patient.
– Each five doctors will share in a lip filler case using one filler syringe and they will do the injection using a cannula.
– EXTRA PAYMENT IS A MUST for these who want to practice more ( In this case extra materials and a single patient will be supplied to the attendee upon request )
N.B : This is a BASIC COURSE & Training not an advanced course, the course attendees must be a Dentist ,Dermatologist or a Plastic surgeon.
Dr. Noury Adel (MSc)
* Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist.
* Master Degree Of Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery.
* Official Certified Trainer For Renee Fillers.
* Official Certified Trainer For Softfil Cannula.
* Official Certified Trainer For I Thread.
* Fellowship of the international Academy of Facial Aesthetics IAFA.
* Membership Of The American Academy Of Aesthetic Medicine AAAM.
* Membership And Collaboration Of the CMAC ( Complications in Medical Aesthetic Collaborative ).
– First Author in different research articles published in local and international journals.
عرفين ان اليوم في الكورس بيبقي صعب و تقيل و فيه معلومات كتير ☺ بس بعد الكورس هتعرف هتعمل ايه بكل بساطة و ان الموضوع لم يكن يستحق اي قلق …..هتشتغل حالاتك وتتابع نتائجها لوحدك و اصحابك الدكاتره هيستعينوا بحضرتك كمان عشان تساعدهم 💪
Date : 2022
Place : 6 October city
Fees: special discount for first 5 reservations
**payment Methods
_🏦 bank Ahly account
_vodafone Cash
_Our Center
_Egypt Post
*Deposit is allowed and cancellation policy is applied
*Extra Fees for ADA Certificate
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