MARATHON Endo A Class Standard Endomotor


Marathon Endo Motor A-Class by Saeyang is a cordless endo motor suitable for endodontic procedures



Usage Hospital
Battery Ni-MH, AAA (1.2 A x 2)
Charging Time (SC150 Charger) 90 min
Input Voltage DC 2.4 V
Power Consumption ((SC150 Charger)) AC 11 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Rated Capacity 800 mA
Torque Range 1 – 4.0 Ncm
Dimensions (W x D x H) 72 x 28 x 135 mm
Speed 10,000 RPM
Weight 150 g

Product Description

Marathon Endo Motor A-Class by Saeyang is a cordless endo motor suitable for endodontic procedures. It has a reciprocating system that stops the motor from running once it is overloaded. The two modes, Forwards and Reverse reciprocating modes facilitate this mechanism by a repeatable back and forth motion. The auto stop reverse feature of the endo motor ensures that the motor stops running once it is overloaded and subsequently runs in the reverse direction until the load is solved. Once the load is solved the motor starts running in the forward direction. The push type miniature head aids in easy replacement of rotary files and visibility of the operating area. There are 6 memory programs assigned to the endo motor.The motor on/off button can be used to change to the reciprocating system by pressing it for 2 seconds. The LCD display shows the mode of operation, the program number, speed of rotation and the torque. The Endo motor A Class runs on a Ni-MH battery which allows 90 minutes of use.


Cord less

Power 100-240V

Extremlely quiet Endodontic motor handpiece

6 Free set programs

Easier setting mode

Full range of handpiece ratios supported 1: 1, 6: 1, 8: 1, 10: 1, 16: 1, 20: 1, 64: 1

Excellent rechargeable battery

Acoustic warning signals at 75% of the set torque values



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