PROMEDICA Provifil temporary filling


Light-curing, one-component temporary filling material


Light-curing, one-component temporary filling material

Provifil is a time-saving and economical one-component material suitable for all kinds of temporary fillings and sealing, especially when applying the inlay and onlay technique for temporary work.
Due to a slight swelling effect Provifil seals the preparation safely for several weeks.
The elastic consistency assures an easy removal in one piece even in case of undercuts:
easy application
uncomplicated removal in one piece
INDICATIONS For all kinds of temporary fillings
For temporary protection in inlay and onlay technique
ADVANTAGES Fast and easy application without waste
Easy to model, fast to cure
Transparent: high depth of curing
Slight swelling effect: safe marginal tightness
Safe seal for several weeks
High elasticity
Highly advantageous after root-canal treatment
Uncomplicated removal in one piece
No damage of the preparation
PRESENTATION Art. No. 2537:          2 x 4 g syringes
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