Strong 209 Micromotor system with handpiece and foot control


This rotary tool is ideal for jewellery making and in precision engineering, excellent value for money. The micro motor system STRONG 209A is an excellent electric system ideal for all metal or plastic detailed work. Variable speed control up to 35,000 rpm which allows good control for various applications.



  • Speed control up to 35,000 rpm – variable speed
  • Good torque
  • 240v
  • 20 Watts
  • Foot pedal controlled
  • Left and right rotation
  • Bench tool rest
  • Replacement collet sizes available  2.35mm and 3mm collets.
  • 2.35mm reducing sleeves fit inside the 3mm collet so that 2.35mm spindle can be used.
  • Choose the collet size you require

Excellent machine for Jewellers working on wax or any drills or wheels for polishing, finishing or de-burring.

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