كدكتور أسنان هدفك التميز
ودلوقتي Aesthetic Dentistry مهم جدا في طب الاسنان
مين فينا مش بيجيلنا cases عايزة تعمل veneers
امتي نقول الحالة دي indicated or not indicated
واي ال type المناسب لكل case
ازاي اعمل treatment plan و case analysis
هنتعلم كمان ازاي نعمل DSD
كل ده هنتعلمه واكتر مع دكتورنا المتميز
د محمد الزهيري
هيكون معانا في كل step
وكل دكتور هيشتغل حالة كاملة علي بيشنت
From A to Z💥💥
🌱Content :
-Diagnosis and treatment plan for veneers
-How to persuade the patient with veneers
– Definition of veneers
– Indications and contraindications of veneers
-Advantages and disadvantages of veneers
-materials of fabrication for veneers
-different designs of veneers preparation and indications of every design
-modifications of veneers preparation for different cases
-preparation guided by mock-up
-impression material ,techniques and retraction cord application
-shade selection of veneers
-temporary veneers with different techniques
-cement and shade of cement selection
-cementation protocol of veneers
-surface treatment for every material
-rubber dam application for veneers cementation
-when to prep and when to avoid preparation for veneers
-lumineers (prepless veneers) indications and contraindications
-material of fabrication for lumineers
-cementation protocol of lumineers
-Principals of DSD for veneers
-work shop for veneers preparation with different designs and modifications
-clinical case from diagnosis ,treatment plan ,preparation guided by mock-up to cementation
-10 clinical tips and tricks to reach the ideal results
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