YSD-960 Touch PC Inter Oral Camera

ضمان 6شهور ضد عيوب الصناعه




YSD-960 Touch PC with Inter Oral Camera and Stand with 1 TB Memory

Intraoral Camera System With screen and software

Function Features
Can Save the photo permanently, establish e-medical history, easy to blouse and check.
Can recored the whole process of treatment
Available for all the functions of desktop, including net work

Available for 3D doctor patient communication video
Touch hand writing input, can use external wireless mouse and keyboard
Can establish a local area network to transmit digital X-ray

Can install internet somatology management software

Type: YSD960
Display: 17 inch HD white LED screen, touch screen AIO
Camera handle: 3.8 million PX, 6 white LCD, auto-focusing 5mm- 50mm
Input and out put : 220V power, USB 2.0*4. RJ45, AUX, VGA, wi Case material : aluminum magnesium alloy 365mm*300mm*42mm net wight 3.3 kg
CPU : intel dual core with four threads and 2.41GHZ cpu frequency Memory : DDR3,2G(can be extended to 320G-1TB HDD)
Control : 17 inch touch screen ( ve-lineresistance)
Wifi : Wifi 802. 11n WLAN
Soft ware : Win7, dental photo/video/3D doctor-patient communica- tion/hanwriting

Power : 220V input (12V outside available)
Backhole : 100mm*100mm


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