High Quality Mini USB Rechargeable Selfie Ring Light Compatible for Mobile Phones, Laptop, Ipad


تستخدم بشكل فعال في التصوير بالهاتف لزيادة الاضائة ب 3 مستويات .. لا تحتاج الا ان تكون مشحونة وستعطيك اضائة مبهرة للخروج بصور افضل للفم بالهاتف .



Easy to Use – All you must do in order to get the perfect lighting for your selfie is attach the gel-based phone ring light close to the camera and snap the perfect photo! Additionally, you can use the light ring as a flashlight.
Lightweight – The selfie light ring is super lightweight and easy to fit in your pocket, so you can get the perfect selfie anywhere. Moreover, the 450mAH built-in battery can last and can be recharged at any laptop.
Multi Usage – You will be able to make videos at night or take great selfies in dark areas; you can use it with your rear camera to have high fidelity photos; you can also use it as torch,emergency light, making up light and even more!
USB Charging – No more worry about replacing batteries; No more worry about finding the perfect lighting; No more worry about scratching of your devices as it is designed with scratch-resistant sponge which also prevents it from falling off.
3 Light Levels – The selfie light for iPhone & Android smartphones has three different levels of intensity going from warm, to cool and mixed white brightness, all perfect for enhancing your natural features.

Product size
Inner diameter
Logo size
Power supply
Micro USB 5V/1A
Color temperature
Maximum clamping thickness
LED quantity
20pcs white LED + 20pcs yellow LED
Max. Power
Battery capacity
200mAh rechargeable lithium battery
Working time
Lasts over 1.2-3 hours in full power
Product weight
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