Replacement and Refund Policy

According to article 8 of the Consumer Protection Act No. 67 of 2006

    • The customer has the right to replace or return the product or item purchased if it is defective or not in conformity with the specifications on the cover of the outside product.
    • The product is required to be in its original condition without any scratches or fractures and all its components and contents and the outer shell (carton-box-plastic or paper casing) and the adhesive stickers are not opened.
    • The original invoice must exist.
    • A refund or redemption request shall be made within 14 days from the date of purchase on the invoice.
    • In the event of a defect in the industry, the consent of the agent is required for full replacement or refund.
    • Products without packaging are never retrieved, or their packaging has been opened or used.
    • Under the Consumer Protection Act, the refund or replacement policy does not include 5 cases:

      * Books
      * Goods required with special specifications
      * Fast Perishable consumer Products 
      * If the item is not in the condition that it was at the time of sale due to consumer return
      * If the nature of the item or its characteristics or method of filling it is prevented from being replaced or refunded

  • The customer receives the price of the recovered product in the same way as the payment.
  • The customer bears any shipping charges in case of recovering a product that has no defects or a line from the seller.